Indexing in SEO- What makes it so Imperative?

Posted on: 16th June 2018

Perchance, one of the most common and important terms in the world of digital marketing is SEO. No matter, what your business is, it is imperative to hire a professional SEO individual for managing your website or business online. Right from content creation, social media, and even link building, SEO tools and techniques have the power to do everything right. Another term that has become one of the most talked about in the past few years is ‘Indexing.’

Indexing is the first step when we do SEO audit. And, in case, your website is not indexed, perhaps there is no chance of it being read by any search engine. Further, how can one even think of ranking it on top when it is not even read by Google or Bing?

What Happens When The Website Is Indexed?

There are a few ways to know if your website is really indexed on the search engine. And, here’s how:

When you really want to know if your website is indexed, simply use operator and website through Google search. Simply enter your domain name in the Google search and see if all the pages you have created in the website are shown on the searched page or not. Enter specific page to know if the link has been indexed or not.

What Happens When The Website Is Not Indexed?

The case is fine when all the pages of your website are indexed. But, what if they are not! Well, there are certain issues that don’t let it get indexed on the search engines. One of the main issues is with the Meta Robots Tag. Either these tags are not used appropriately or there is an improper use of disallowing in the robots.txt files.

Keeping in mind the importance of both the Meta robots tags and robots.txt files, there should be a proper placement of both these things while preparing the website.

Difference between Robots.txt files and Meta Robots Tags

Robots.txt is responsible for providing the information to the website. On the other hand, Meta Robots Tags can be discovered on the individual pages of your website. But, both these terms are important as their proper usage leads to a well-indexed website.

The Verdict

If your website is not crawled on popular search engines, probably, there would be no chance to rank your website there on the searches. And what will be the purpose of creating a website if one can’t expect any ranking on searches? So, why not take care of your Robots.txt and Meta Robots to index your website up there on those famous search engines and take your business to next level of success.